Instructions On How To Play Scratch Cards Most Effectively

Scratch cards are also known as a famous Baccarat game in casinos. This game has extremely simple gameplay but brings high betting efficiency. In the following article, 90jili bookmaker will share all about the rules of 3-card scratch card game plus tips for playing perfectly in 100 games and 100 wins to readers. Do not miss it!

What is a scratch card?

What is a scratch card?

What is a scratch card? As shared above, Scratch cards are known as Baccarat cards in online casinos. However, in terms of gameplay, this card game will have different changes to suit Vietnamese people. Basically, this card game still uses the standard 52-card deck and each participating player will be dealt 3 cards.

To determine winning or losing, it will be based on the rules of comparing scores between players or comparing scores with the house. The person with the highest score will win and take all the bets from the remaining players. Each game of Scratch Card will take place quickly and have a relatively high level of luck.

Terminology you need to know when playing Scratch Cards

If you want to become a master in the 3-card scratch card game industry, understanding card terminology is indispensable. Therefore, bettors can refer to the terms on the outstanding three-scratch card game below.

Steal the card: When starting the 3-card scratch card game, many members can choose to steal the card or not. If many players choose to steal or no one steals, the house system will randomly choose a player to be the dealer.

Place a Bet: Here you can bet the first 1 time or 5 times the first bet in the 5x money room, and bet the first 1 time or 10 times the first bet in the 10x money room. If the time runs out and you don’t make a selection, you will bet once by default.

Contribute plays: all players can choose to contribute plays or have the right not to contribute plays, the amount of play contribution is equal to 1 first bet. The participant with the highest scratch card at each game will receive the money contributed by the players at the table.

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View cards: After dealing the 3-card scratch card, each person can calculate their own score and take the business row’s score from the total score of the 3 cards.

Compare cards: Each time you play, you will compare cards with the dealer to determine the win or loss of each player.

Instructions on how to play Scratch Cards most methodically

Instructions on how to play Scratch Cards most methodically

Regarding the number of players, the regulations allow about 6 participants per game, not including those who act as dealers.

But in reality, no one guarantees this rule. Scratch cards allow more than 6 players, any number of players is fine, as long as there are enough cards to be distributed to everyone.

Step 1: Determine the bet amount

First, each player needs to make a specific bet and then start playing. The bet placement of some places is put into “erasing”. When the cards are finished being shuffled, the players who are considered “red” will begin to “merit” the cards. This is the term for the act of picking up a certain amount of cards from the pile and putting them aside.

After chanting, participants are dealt 3 cards sequentially. Scratch cards do not stipulate which way the cards should be divided. If the game has a dealer, the dealer will be the dealer.

Step 2: Enter the game

Each player will turn over their dealt cards in turn, then calculate the total score. The player with the highest total score will be the winner and will receive most of the previous players’ bets. Similarly, two players who add points will both win and split the prize money.

If three players have a tie or more, a new Scratch game will begin. However, those are simply the simple rules of a game of Turtle Scratch Cards. The way to play will be different and the scoring method will also be different for Scratch Cards.

Step 3: Make a decision

Next, select “Raise All” or make decisions during the game. When a player realizes that his or her cards are sure to win and that no one else can compare, he or she chooses “All-in”.

This is an option where the player must bet all the bets they currently have on the card. Normally, in reality, very few people choose To Tat, in Online games it is more likely.

Step 4: Compare cards

Compare the cards of the players participating in the game. The winner is the person with the highest score, at which point the Scratch card game also ends. If you are the only remaining player to choose to “raise” but none of the remaining players choose to “call”, then this means you have won.

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Tips for playing Scratch Cards best

Tips for playing Scratch Cards best

The way to play Scratch Cards is quite simple, but to win, you need great card tricks. It is certain that each player must have their own playing strategy to be able to win money from the house or other players.

Understand clearly the rules of the game

Each reward card game portal will have different payout levels and rules for playing the Scratch card game. Therefore, you need to clarify this and grasp it carefully before starting to bet.

Initially, bettors need to clearly understand the rules of the game whether playing in traditional or online form. You must know whether you are playing Turtle Scratch Card or Poker Scratch Cards to have the most appropriate playing actions.

Have a stable amount of capital

Having long-term capital will help you choose more effective playing strategies. However, this amount needs to be separate from other expenses outside of life. Absolutely do not get involved in work, living expenses, or family matters. That way you will have enough confidence to bet and not put yourself in debt, empty-handed, or bankrupt.

Each game of Scratch Cards will take place over a short period of time. At the same time, each war will have many rules. If you do not have long-term investment capital, it will be difficult to wait for the red line to come to you. This is also a reason why many bettors, after encountering a few black cards, will immediately be kicked out of the game and make room for new players.

Strong playing mentality

A long-term, stable mentality is also an important way to play Scratch Cards that cannot be ignored. Because when participants have a stable mentality, they can make accurate decisions and speculations for bettors. Calmness will control the progress of the games and also influence the decisions of other opponents.

When you are confident, your opponents will not detect loopholes and have the opportunity to win many wins with huge amounts of money. In addition, a calm mentality will prevent the opponent from guessing the line of thought and the cards you are holding. This is the important factor that determines whether you win or lose.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Any Scratch card game requires choosing a reputable, quality betting game portal to participate in playing. Similarly, information is guaranteed, rights are guaranteed, and there is a leading attractive betting space and brings many attractive bonuses.

You can choose a reputable scratch card betting contact that is 90jili, we specialize in providing many attractive game genres, high payout rates and extremely safe for players. .


Our above article has shared all the information about the extremely attractive Scratch Card game. At the same time, sharing great card tips from professional players to readers.

Practice regularly to have the most suitable playing technology.

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